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Guest Comments

I give you these comments from the guestbooks in the condo with some trepidation, because I think it is possible to set expectations too high, and not everyone reacts the same. That said, these comments are to reassure you that you are likely to have a good time because almost everyone else has. - Jay S. Wakefield


11/90: This is our second trip to Molokai, and we plan to come back again. Jay your place is great.

2/91: Aloha - reminds me of Mexico 25 years ago.

2/91: We loved your condo & lost our hearts to the island of Molokai!

2/91: We will be back next year but we aren't going to tell anyone how great it is here.

3/91: We had a fabulous time here.

6/91: We've traveled quite a bit, but if it gets any better anywhere than it is here, we haven't found it.

9/91: Nat Cole's song titled "Unforgettable" says it all.

3/92: The condo is nicely equipped...enjoyed your books.

4/92: Molokai and your condo are my picture of the closest place to true paradise!

4/92: Love Molokai and its contrast to the other islands.

6/92: Great place for a honeymoon.

8/92: impressions:....the high quality of this studio (we had friends in xxxx, and that place wasn't nearly as nice). Thanks Jay and Suzy...

8/92: Really enjoyed and appreciated your library of Hawaiian History/natural history... Molokai Mo Betta!!! Thanks again.

8/92: Our blessing on this home - so clean and loving.

10/92: What a perfect place to spend our honeymoon.

10/92: Had a wonderful time despite the rain.. a beautiful place.

11/92: I don't think we've ever been so relaxed! Especially enjoyed your little kitchen.

12/92: Thank you Jay and Suzy for a thoughtfully well appointed condo..

1/93: The condo is perfect ...was a cozy haven...

2/93: Wish we could have stayed longer. Aloha!

3/93: Our friends, who couldn't come to this island with us, have missed the best part. I know we'll return...

4/93: Everything we'd hoped for. What a wonderful way to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

4/93: Friday (Sad Day) have to leave.

5/93: ..well-supplied quarters.

7/93: ...lovely hideaway...

8/93: Your condo is "5 Star" for the solitude of a Hawaii lost to history.

9/93: Enjoyed reading this "Guest's Book".

9/93: You have a wonderful place here...

10/93: Wonderful place ...Dixie Beach great for swimming...

12/93: I want to move here - it's the best -

1/94: Loved your place, books, view, everything... piece of paradise.

2/94: So peaceful and quiet! Enjoyed the pounding of the surf in the night.

3/94: ..this condo worked very well for me, after the "hustle" of Maui.

3/94: I have been to all the islands, and the beauty, nature, and serenity of this vacation cannot be expressed in pen & ink.

4/94: What a honeymoon island!

4/94: Enjoyed your books alot.

6/94: Thank you for sharing your beautiful place with us, it was well equipped, nice location, and great weather!

9/94: Thank you for providing a lovely comfortable place for ...celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary!

1/95: It's so nice to get away from the crowds. Thanks for a relaxing week.

2/95: Back for our 2nd visit to your place. This time brought friends...well, they have never been to Hawaii at all & their mouths have been hanging open since we got here. I bet we've said "Oh God" 1000 times or more.

2/95: This was the most "laid back" vacation we've ever had. The surf put us to sleep every night.. definately not a tourist trap...hate to leave..

7/97: Paradise Found!! Best vacation ever!

11/97: This is our 3rd visit to Wakefield's Molokai condo.

11/97: It's been a long time since I found myself so emotionally involved in an area...the memories...will last forever.

12/97: We didn't expect the view to be this great.

2/98: No email, phones or pagers - just what we needed! Thanks!

4/98: Of all the Islands, this is our favorite now! thanks for the condo it's great.

6/98: ...unit very clean... Went snorkeling every day - we had the beaches to ourselves!

11/98: The condo was perfect, we had everything we needed. Enjoyed your library very much.

1/99: We enjoyed breakfast on the patio everyday looking out at the waves.

1/99: your condo was stocked with everything that was necessary.

1/99: Loved the condo...this place has the quality to heal the soul....Unforgettable!

2/99: We are leaving today, but we're sitting here hoping somehow we'll be detained ... place was perfect for us, just as we'd hoped.

3/99: We do not want to go home.

3/99: You have made it very comfortable - like staying in a friends home. Cathy does a great job!

9/99: truly extraordinary ... beautiful deserted beaches in walking distance - we still can't figure out where the other guests went ... the view much better than we expected (the picture on the web doesn't do it any justice).

1/01: It was a perfect place for a bunch of work-a-holics to completely forget work (and we really did) and remember what life is really about...

3/03: Your studio unit and location was just perfect. It was stocked with everything we needed ... Boy Molokai is better than we imagined ...

3/03: Molokai was everything we'd hoped for and more, and your place was just what we were looking for.

4/03: Everything at the condo was fine.

2/04: What a wonderful time we had .. .I am highly recommending your unit...

3/04: We had a fantastic time and your condo was beautiful. I felt like we were entering another world ... and in a way, I guess I was ...

4/04: That was the most relaxing 11 days I can remember ... Your condo offers a lot of helpful items, but my favorites were the books and maps ...

7/04: We had a wonderful time! Your place had everything ... We swam, snorkeled and LOAFED...

2/05: our favorite passtime was cuddling up and watching the spectacular sunsets every night. We found we are having our first child here.

3/05: We enjoyed Molokai again for the 15th time.

4/05: I have only seen so many stars in the outback of Australia ... We had a great do-nuthin' time.

7/05: 10pm, July first, waves crashing on Kepuhi Beach, breeze blowing, full moon out, I asked Carolyn to marry me. She thought about it for a nanosecond or two ...

5/05: I just returned to Japan last night ... Thank you for the wonderful room, with such affordable price ... we watched the moon, palm trees swaying, and there was always a nice breeze blowing in the room ...

1/06: The condo is a real gem - Wow! Thanks so much.

2/07: Well, basically, I'm having reentry problems after our totally laid back 8 days in your perfect condo ... Everything worked just fine in the condo and it is certainly well equipped ... nothing was lacking ...

4/07: We especially enjoyed your cozy and well equipped studio. The days were lovely and breezy. We did alot of hiking, snorkeling, swimming, reading (wonderful reading material, relaxing and watching the sunset and the palm trees sway.

2/08: Thanks for all your attention to detail ...

4/08: So wonderful to sit on your patio and see the ocean and the palm trees and the beautiful birds ... Our 3rd time here at your condo, such a comfortable place... has everything we need and more ...

6/08: The condo is perfect and was absolutely immaculate.

6/08: Your studio was the perfect spot ... couldn't have asked for anything more .. haven't felt this relaxed and peaceful in 3 years since we got married on Kauai ... we love your condo, and hope to return as soon as possible...

7/08:I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how great your condo was for us. Quite simply it was perfect. It had everything we needed and felt like home as soon as we had unpacked...it was clean and perfect for two people. We honestly couldn't think of anything that would improve the condo...

8/10: I wanted some solitude and was not disappointed.

9/10: It has been a long time since we had dinner by candlelight, but we did it every night on the deck enjoying the sunsets... we would just go get something to BBQ...

9/10: We are having a wonderful time in your condo...We also wanted to thank you for leaving all these books and movies about Molokai...

9/10: Your reading material was priceless...

12/09: We had a great time at your condo. Molokai was much more than we expected.

2/11: I just wanted to say that our friends and us loved your unit... I had booked your unit for our friends, but we will prefer yours next time...everybody REALLY loved and were impressed with the kitchen!!!! ....Also the privacy and beauty that the lanai plants provide. The unit we are renting does not have screen doors and I would kill for them...

5/12: Hoping you still have this unit available for us to stay as we very much liked this place last year.

12/11: "One of the few places left on Earth which is not overcrowded by tourists.."

12/11: "hard to remember the last time we felt that happy and relaxed..."

12/11: "We weren't prepared to find PARADISE here!"

2/12: "..one of the only places preserved and saved from the tourist industry"

12/12: "Romantic, peaceful and unique experience, like a blast from the past!"

12/12: "Molokai is a special place Perfect :-) Lots of Aloha...so glad we came...I will miss sleeping to the sounds of the crashing waves and the wind through the coconut palms, and the sunsets - Breathtaking! Thank you."

2/13: "Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful place with us.This will be in our minds forever and, oh yeah, we are planning our next trip back..."

3/12: "We appreciated the kitchen and the comfortable beds"

3/13: "Words can't describe our comfort and pleasure while staying here at 1184"

3/13: "We feel fortunate to have found this place. Everything was as advertised except the cell phone service, it was better!"

3/13: "Words can't describe our comfort and pleasure while staying at 1184..."

4/13: "..these two weeks gave us the best insight into real Hawaii, and the strongest and most pleasant memories."

5/13: "What a fabulous week! We have had a chance to relax, read, walk, hear great music, see wonderful sights, meet generous people and eat great food!"

7/13: "Summer on Molokai is fabulous! People are so friendly. Pace of life as it should be..."

11/13: "We had a "fun" fabulous time. We felt very much at home here at your comfy condo. Spent the morning at Kaupoa Beach with a large, mostly sunning, monk seal."

1/14: "You have thought of all our needs in setting up the unit."

5/12: The crash of the surf all night will be missed ...

6/12 The beauty & charm is still here ...

12/12: Thrilled to wake up to the roar of the waves ...

11/13: Perfect ... Lots of "Aloha" ...

2/13: Jay has perfectly set this all up for us ... Everything was perfect ...

3/13: We were fortunate to have found this place - everything was "as advertised"

3/13: Words can't describe our comfort & pleasure while staying here ...

5/13: The Saturday morning market in Kaunakakai was such fun ... What a fabulous week ... Mahalo nui loa for lettinig us experience the wonderful Aloha of Molokai ...

6/13: A great change from winter in Christchurch ... Summer in Molokai is fabulous ...

11/13: We felt very much at home here ...

6/14: Both units were better than expected ...

9/14: Condo was perfect ... Feels like home ...

12/14: After perusing the island end to end, we have both agreed this happened to be the most perfect place we could have possibly stayed ...

12/14: This happened to be the most perfect place we could have possibly stayed ... Wonderfully stocked with everything we could possibly need, which is very helpful ...

1/15: Molokai has been beautiful and we were glad to have been able to call 1184 our home for the past few days ...

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